Cleanliness is next to ticklishness :) (MM/F)

WARNING: Story introduction below contains adult content of a sexual nature.

Please plan accordingly.



Ok…warning sufficiently given…

On with the post…

If you haven’t been to Carla Senora’s blog, I hope you’ll do yourself an immense favor and click off of my website right now, and onto hers.

Truly, her writing talents are light years ahead of mine.

In the words of Darth Vader to Obi-Wan Kenobi, ‘I was but the learner’ in her cyber presence.

All her stories are solid, and will make you wishing for more of her loquaciousness, but it’s her incredibly intoxicating story about Clive, and his foot fetish that won me forever.

Click HERE to go to that special one.

It will make you proud to have this proclivity toward women’s feet.

Trust me.

And when you’re done, and have paid your respects to this beautiful Carla Diva, feel free to mosey back on over to my own little Laugh-Fest, and read the below beginning to a story about Carla, her flip flops, her gorgeous toes, and her two lovers, Oliver and Clive, joining forces to bring her to a high point she’s clearly not prepared for.

Enjoy, and, as always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Carla’s Foot Worship/Foot Tickling Extravaganza (MM/F, foot tickling fantasy, consensual, explicit)

Clive and Oliver weren’t supposed to meet.

London’s a large town.

How does this kind of ‘It’s A Small World’-thing happen?

Even their names were changed online to protect the wickedly kinky ;0

But alas, ’tis Disneyland, and Clive and Oliver did kind of run in the same ‘kink ellipses’ if you will, and somehow managed to connect the dots after meeting that they had each fallen for their shared extremely sexy cleaning lady, Carla.

It was a simultaneous gut punch/salient moment for both of them.

‘Holy bloody Mary, Oliver! That’s YOU that put Carla through that series of erotic spankings, you little devil, you!’, Clive chuckles.

‘Guilty as charged, mate. And you, you’re the one who made Carla’s toes and bare soles sing with delight. You sir, to quote the great Samuel Jackson, are a foot f’ing master!’

Clive gets a kick out of the Pulp Fiction reference.

‘So, what do you think, Clive, want to do a little mash up with our lovely kinky cleaning lady? Maybe get her into my little love dungeon, all tied up, and we can both suck her toes and maybe other parts of her deliciously sexy body, and see where the night takes us?!’

‘Oh, dear sir, you are thinking what I’m thinking. Yes! Let’s call her up!’

Ring. Ring.

‘Carla, is that you? You picked up! Can’t believe I got you on the first try!’

‘Hi Oliver, what’s up?!’

‘You busy?’

‘Not really, it’s my day off. I’m writing.’

‘Oh good. Want some good material?’

‘Hmmmm, what do you have in mind?’

‘Well, I was wondering if you might like another spanking for discovering my special room?’

‘Hmmmmm, that WAS fun, Oliver. You know your way around a lady’s arse I must say!’

Oliver and Carla both chuckle.

‘Yeah, why not?! I can hop on the train. When do you want me?!’

‘How ’bout now?!’

‘Ok, now’ll work. See you in 20?!’


And with that Oliver ends the call and he and Clive race back to Oliver’s home and quickly ready Oliver’s forthcoming tickle play dungeon. Clive stays put in the dungeon while Oliver goes out to meet their mutual muse.

Fast forward 15 ticks of the long hand; a doorbell rings and we see the lovely, talented, and sexy Carla Senora enter.

She’s wearing a tight fitting sleeveless cotton top with the word, ‘Titular’ printed across where Carla’s breasts beautifully accentuate the intended pun. She’s also got on rather tight sweat pants that accentuate her very blessed body curves. Flip flops round out her wardrobe.Aside:

Please note, the above flip flops photo is taken from Carla’s website.

Also please note that the wording on the heel padding says ‘Have Fun’.


Wouldn’t it be nice if all flip flops marketed for women should be required to have this verbiage printed on their product, ‘Have fun showing off your lovely feet!’

Might encourage a little more kinder, gentler acceptance of the foot fetishists out there?🤗

Ok, back to the story…

Oliver’s eyes immediately descend to the flip flops, and give Carla, and Carla’s tantalizingly beautiful toes the distinct clear message that both she, and her toes, look amazing to him.

‘Oh, this is going to be fun!’, thinks Carla, noting the familiar gaze foot fetishists give her while she’s wearing these kind of barely coverable foot coverings.

‘How are you, Oli? Long time.’, Carla leans in and gives Oli a sensual hug.

‘Carla, I missed you. No time though, Love. Can we?’, Oli gestures toward the hallway where his dungeon resides.

‘Of course…’, Carla saunters and gives Oli a sly, wicked grin.

Now the rest of the story gets a bit, shall we say, ‘racy’, and it’s best if I just ask you to send me an email request for the rest of the story.

Be sure to reference ‘Cleanliness and ticklishness’ in your subject heading or the body of the email, AND that you are over 18 years of age.

Thanks 🙂

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And, thank you in advance for your kind support! 🙏

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!


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