Three Guys, One Sexy Lady, and a Zebra Couch- A Sexy Romp and Revel in Foot Tickling Paradise

foot tickling

The above photo is from a video clip posted on a mr.ler_’s Instagram feed at:

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The clip shows an attractive woman getting her gorgeous barefeet gently tickled, and I emphasize the gently part, by two guys, while her arms are being held back behind her head by a 3rd.

Even the couch with its zebra print textile seems to be saying that this may be one of THE sexiest clips EVER!

The woman’s laughter, the way the three guys are really into tickling her gently, not too hard…it all just really comes across as if the four of these friends are having a REALLY fun time together!

Oh man, did I mention this clip was sexy?! 😅👣🔥

You know that feeling when you’ve hit your head pretty hard on something, and you just have to sit down and have a moment to yourself to process things?

Well, that was pretty much me a few days ago trying to process the level of sexiness of the above video clip.

And of course, anytime there’s a sexy clip, it gets me thinking of how it might be made sexier.


What if the beautiful ticklee were to ask if she could call up 4 more of her other guy friends to come over?

And then, what if, once they arrived, she got her friend holding both her arms behind her head to switch to just holding her right arm back behind her head?

And then, what if she got this friend to just start gently stroking her right wrist, and slowly caressing her soft skin on the inner portions of her slender right arm all the way up to her sensitive armpits?

It would tickle for sure, but it would be a ‘good tickle’; the kind that would be a soft, pleasurable, goose bump creating touch tickle from a friend.

And then, what if this gorgeous ticklee made some additional appointments?

What if she maestro’d one of her new guys in the room to do her other wrist, arm, and armpit in the same ticklish way?

Oh, me oh my! 😅❤️

This party just got WAY more interesting, n’est pas?!

And then, what if another one of the new guys was instructed to take off the ticklee’s blouse?


Yes, it’s getting a little risqué.

She further instructs this lucky male friend to start massaging and sucking and, yes, tickling her nipple on her right breast.

Another lucky male friend is chosen to do the exact same thing on the left breast.

So if the temperature in the room isn’t hot enough already, just wait a moment, and yes, it will get hotter!

Finally, what if our final male friend is given THE most enviable job of all the guys in the room?

Yes, this fortunate gentleman will be tasked by our beautiful ticklee to lightly tickle her inner thighs from the back of her knees all the way to just outside her ‘womanhood’.

Furthermore, this lottery jackpot winner in the ‘Tickling Hot Women’s Inner Thighs Sweepstakes’ will be instructed in the following manner…’So, please, slowly and surely, tickle me closer and closer to my ultimate wonderland, if you know what I mean. And when you get close, don’t rush it! Ok?! Stay calm. You’ll need to ask PERMISSION to enter MY pearly gates. If you all are working together, each of you should get your chance to explore my other wonderland. But, first, I want to be tickled. Got it?! And…in a way that I WANT and I NEED to be tickled. In the ways I’ve just laid out to you all. Understand?! OK, great! Let’s have some fun!’ 😅👣

End of Part 1.

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Tickles for Teacher

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Drawing above is ‘feet-ured’ on my Instagram feed @laughtermech at:

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Original drawing is below and on Instagram at the following link:

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Thanks! 🙏

Ahh, the tickled teacher fantasy.

Such a strong theme in this foot and tickle fetish universe we all find ourselves in.

You have your attractive female college professor in her high heels all day, teaching 18 to 24 year olds, sometimes older students too.

You have this same professor maybe slipping out of her high heels on occassion throughout the day to rest her tired pantyhosed feet.

Seeing this drawing above got my mind spinning back to yesteryear when I had a few attractive female college professors that I would have LOVED to have been witness to or taken part in a scene like what’s depicted above.

My mind spins too in a direction where my female professors actually WANT this kind of ticklish attention; they actually are SEEKING it out.

Dear Lord, does it get much sexier than your attractive college professor actually ASKING you, nay BEGGING you, to tickle her toes after class?

I don’t think so.

I imagine this teacher depicted above ‘tested’ her students frequently throughout the year trying to find those one or two students each week who might share her penchant for tickling.

Her ‘exams’ were simple, yet effective.

1. Give exam or pop quiz on #FeetUpFriday (yep, it’s a thing. Check it out on Instagram and Twitter 😅👣 Boy did I go to college in the wrong era!)

2. Kick off flats or heels and place stockinged or bare feet on desk for entire class to see

3. Ask student to take picture of stockinged or barefeet for #FeetUpFriday and post immediately to social media.

4. Announce that you posted your #FeetUpFriday photo.

5. Watch for students who stare or who are normally good students and fail the exam or pop quiz or do poorly.

Oh to be a student in THAT classroom.


Woe be unto that burgeoning 18 to 24 year old ticklephile, maybe a foot fetishist too, with raging hormones having a teacher maybe in her early 30’s or 40’s just begging for a good tickling after class.

Usually this teacher would know in about 2 minutes who her foot fetish and tickle fetish cohorts were.

And surprisingly, you’d think these cohorts would be testosterone-laden males, but in this particular classroom, the dice roll landed on two inquisitive, estrogen-laden females in their 3rd year at San Francisco State University.

They sat on opposite ends of the first row, each eager to learn statistics, but today, their first #FeetUpFriday with Dr. Lidell, both sets of eyes were locked on their attractive pantyhosed professor with gorgeous feet and toes wiggling and stretching, stretching and wiggling atop her neatly organized desktop.

Dr. Lidell could look from beyond her tinted glasses out into the crowd of students in front of her, and immediately see these two women struggling mightily to keep their attention on their exam in front of them.

First it was just furtive glances up toward the front of the room.

But as Dr. Lidell ‘worked her magic’ of using her one foot to rub up against the other and moving her feet all around and atop her desk, both women simply were in a straight on dead stare by the end of the 3rd minute.

‘All too easy’, Dr. Lidell thought in her best Darth Vader voice.

There were actually about 4 or 5 consistent onlookers this week, but Layla and Nancy were both SO into Dr. Lidell’s pantyhosed foot trance if you will that Dr. Lidell just knew it was these two who she’d be asking to stay after class for some ‘extra credit’.

Layla and Nancy were not aware that the other shared a fascination with women’s feet in general and tickling them in particular.

Both had discovered their own foot and tickle fetishes early on in grade school while watching educational television programs like Sesame Street and Electric Company (click on the embedded links for a walk down foot and tickling fetish memory lane as it relates to my own experience with this television programming).

These scenes produced strange feelings that would only be fully understood when these two women went off to college and started exploring their own desires a bit more freely than they’d done in high school.

And now, the ‘ticklephile lottery’ if you will, run by the powerful ‘lottery manager’, Dr. Lidell, was about to announce its newest two winners and make a GIANT payout!

This is the story of how Dr. Lidell, Layla, and Nancy spend their ‘winnings’ on a beautiful after class afternoon exploring all of their collective wildest tickle fantasies.

If you like where this story is going and want me to write more for you, please send me an email at or drop me a comment below and let me know you’d like to read more about Dr. Lidell and her two ticklephile students.

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Part One – Barbara’s Sensuous Backseat Limo Ride

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I just love a good limousine backseat /woman gets her feet enjoyably tickled story.

Don’t you?

There’s just something so sexy about the moving private living room aspect of the limousine to me.

The tinted windows, the spacious seating, the typically raucous and randy female clientele that travel in these mobile palaces during weddings and other special events.

Gets a guy with a foot and tickle fetish wondering about the ticklish possibilities of something like what is drawn above happening in real life.

Oh, the tickling backstories I would think just write themselves on some of these wedding/bachelorette episodes.

So…when I saw the above picture (sans captioning of course; for the original pic click HERE) my ‘let’s make this scene a more pleasurable foot tickling scene’ inner meme creator kicked in 😅

Below is Part 1 of my pleasurable foot tickling backstory.

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And now, on with Part 1:

Meet Barbara.

Barbara is a woman I used to work with in a bank in San Francisco in the 90’s.

She was into heavy metal bands.

She had gorgeous, big, flowing auburn hair.

She was amply endowed with rather large breasts.

She was tall, and had one of those commanding, strong, sexy Joan Jett kind of voices.

She was married, no kids.

I found her irresistibly attractive in my mid 20’s when we 1st met.

She was probably a few years younger than me, not sure.

Nothing ever happened between Barbara and I, but, boy, did I fantasize that it did.

She rarely wore revealing sandals to work, but she did manage to slip out of her flats and boots quite a few times and would end up working barefoot, counting currencies at her desk in the Financial District off Pine Street.

I stole more than a few glances at her, what were probably U.S. size 8 or 9, and what I considered quite splendid barefeet; toenails always painted a dark color with her 2nd toe slightly longer than the big toe.


So…when I saw this comic above, it got my mind racing back in time to this woman, Barbara, who I used to know and work with, and how this could have been her in the back seat of a limo after attending one of her heavy metal concerts somewhere in the Bay Area.

I imagine she had a favorite limo driver, Tony.

He always picked her up and dropped her off, as her husband just wasn’t that into ‘metal’.

Barbara loved champagne, and it just so happened that after the concert, already buzzing from downing 5 beers, she gets a crazy idea and invites Tony to pull off near the Cliff House at Ocean Beach in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset District, and toast to Metallica and the awesome show she just witnessed at The Oracle in Oakland, CA.

Tony, the perfect gentleman, obliges the gorgeous Barbara, his favorite repeat customer.

They have a few glasses of ‘the bubbly’, and Barbara, very clearly drunk now, starts taking off her boots.

Tony’s definitely intrigued and follows the zippers of Barbara’s boots as she reveals a stark contrast of bare white skin below a dark leather exterior.


Barbara asks Tony, rather forwardly and demandingly, as she is unzipping her boots if he can give her feet a quick massage.

Barbara danced ALOT at the concert, and her feet are really tired, and could ‘use some real TLC’ (i.e, tender loving care).

‘Oh Barbara, of course, my dear. Lay back and let Tony whisk you away to foot paradise. I used to be a masseuse, you know?!’

‘Had no idea…wow, Tony, is there anything you haven’t done?!’, Barbara slurs out laughingly.

Laughing back, ‘Well, funny you should say that as there are a few things I haven’t done with a woman’s barefeet while I massaged them’, Tony laughs.

‘Oh, do tell!’, Barbara laughs back.

‘Maybe later. For now, let’s just get these tired tootsies some quick relief.’

Tony takes Barbara’s soft, gorgeously cared for barefeet into his lap, and starts to apply some firm strokes of his thumbs directly into the middle portions of her bare soles.

The smell of leather and Barbara’s light foot sweat from her dancing mixing together is unbelievably intoxicating, in a good way, to Tony.

Barbara’s foot aroma immediately enraptures him.

He keeps his cool though.

Barbara’s completely uninhibited at this point with her feet in Tony’s lap, and starts moaning quite loudly.

There’s a North swell coming in along the California Coast so the waves outside at Ocean Beach drown out any sound waves that might escape the limo.

‘Ohhh, Goooddddd!!!! Tony!!!! Oh my Gooooddddd!!!! Jesus, that feels SOOOOO good! Ooooohhhhh, Goooodddd!!!’

Those kind of epithets ring out in the back seat over and over again as if Barbara’s heading for orgasm.

End Part 1.

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The Foot Operation – a story based on true events (M/F foot tickling)

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Above image is from

The Laughter Mechanic (TLM)’s coworker, Jessica, thinks she needs to have an invasive foot surgery to save her foot from a past tendon and ligament injury that’s degenerating.

Jessica’s constantly, and I mean, constantly, worrying and fretting over the issue.

It’s a Friday, and both are caught up with their work, and no one’s in the office but the two of them.

Jessica’s divorced with kids, but has a boyfriend.

TLM, aka ‘John’, is married with kids, and has a wife who knows about his wonderful foot and tickle fetishes.

Surprisingly, she’s actually willing for him to explore these two fetishes of his with other women with two caveats; one, he lets her know in advance that he’s ‘exploring’, and two, that she has the opportunity to join in on the fun.

John’s wife actually finds it kind of a ‘turn on’ for her husband to be so into hers, and other women’s feet.

The jury’s still out with Jessica though as to whether she is willing to let John, or anyone for that matter, touch and explore her feet for their ticklishness.

Jessica’s tall, about 5′ 9″ with large, well taken care of barefeet.

John estimates they’re around a U.S. size 9 or 10.

Jessica alternates wearing polish on her toes each week.

Some weeks it’s au-natural, and John always takes note that Jessica’s toenails and feet are so clean, and so well taken care of for someone as busy as she is.

Other ladies in the office aren’t as into good foot care and hygiene like Jessica.

No, most of the ladies in John’s office will wear flip flops, but so many don’t take the time to even clean their toenails regularly, or keep their heel calluses buffed and smooth.

For a foot fetishist like John, this is the ultimate non-starter if you want some female foot attention.

Rule#1 – Cleanliness is next to Foot Goddess-ness 😅👣

But Jessica’s different.

She prioritizes on keeping her barefeet in tip top shape, despite all her health issues.

And this is something John finds irresistibly sexy in a woman; even if that woman isn’t altogether classically super attractive in terms of face and body shape.

At the end of the day, a woman who has nice feet, and takes care of them, can win out over the super model, at least in John’s playbook.

Jessica shows off her handiwork, or should I say ‘foot-i-work’, LOL 😅 pardon the egregious pun, by wearing sometimes the most revealing sandals (see example below):

John LOVES these every other days 😅

John and Jessica’s workstations are so close to one another that, as John fantasizes from time to time, Jessica could merely turn her chair around, prop her feet up on John’s workstation, and John could immediately be jettisoned through the ‘Pearly Ped Gates’, so to speak, and be finally given his chance, his one chance, to show off his reflexology, massage and foot tickling skills…and finally find…his FREEDOM (nod to the iconic Braveheart Speech. Sorry, just popped into my head 😅).

If only John knew Jessica was up for it.

‘Oh, Jessica, are you up for it?’, wonders John deep inside his cranial matter.

‘John, I’m so worried. What if I do this operation and the doctors screw up my foot? What if I can’t walk again?! Oh, this is SO stressful!’

‘Hey, it’s alright. You’re going to be fine. I’m really glad you’re getting that second opinion we talked about. You’re making the right call. Just try and focus on the positive right now. Don’t let your brain take over and spin you down a rabbit-hole of despair like mine does most of the time.’, John chuckles.

He continues…’It’s so easy to do. Our brains are kind of hard wired that way, right?!’

‘Yeah, you’re right. Stay positive. I’ve got to stay positive. Hey, so you asked me a few weeks ago about reflexology and whether or not I’d ever considered doing a treatment. I told you that I hadn’t, but that I’d maybe get my boyfriend to try it out on me sometime. Well, get this, he doesn’t even want to get NEAR my feet now. He thinks reflexology’s basically just this woo-woo kind of medicine. Charlatan stuff. He wants me to just bite the bullet and get the operation DONE, ASAP. And, John, I’ve got to admit there’s this part of me that just wants to do what he says. Just get it done. But then, if I’m quiet and honest with myself, there’s this other part of me that goes, well, maybe I should at least TRY reflexology for a few sessions. What do you think?’

John’s pulse immediately quickens with the question, and his whole body quivers and blood rushes to areas that he doesn’t want ‘rush hour traffic’, so to speak.

He takes a deep breath.

‘Well, it is a pretty big operation. You’re going to have alot of invasive work done if you go the route of surgery. Plus all the recovery time. I don’t know, it’s tough. Have to say, if it was me, I’d exhaust EVERY non-invasive procedure 1st before I considered a surgery like what you’re considering. You’ve already gone the physical therapy route. And I get that you don’t want to go down that road again. But you haven’t tried this other route with reflexology. If it was me, I’d at least want to give it a shot. But again, that’s just me. You have to make the right call for YOU.’

‘I know, right. That’s what I keep telling my boyfriend. And myself. But he’s just adamant that I get the operation over and done with. Trust the professionals, Jessica. But for some reason I just can’t get your reflexology inquiry out of my mind. Do you know anyone good here that can do this kind of treatment on my feet?’

John’s pulse quickens even more so than the last.

More rush hour traffic on the 1 (Monterey folks you know what I mean 😅).

Shifting in his chair ever so subtly, trying not to be obvious with what having a foot fetish does to most males like himself when an attractive woman with attractive feet starts talking about her feet casually in conversation…John wades into the deep end.

‘Well, as a matter of fact, Jessica, like I told you before, I do reflexology on my wife when she has migraines. I’ll give you her number and you can call her and talk to her about my skills in that department. Not bragging, but I feel like I’m pretty much able to keep her in good health with my layman’s knowledge of the subject. I’m definitely not a professional reflexologist by any stretch, and I’d be more than happy to share some contacts of those that are, but…if you’d be open to it, I’d be willing to give you a free session and see how you feel. You really have nothing to lose but about 30 minutes of your day having someone press sharp objects into your toes’, John chuckles again.

Jessica does too.

‘Yeah, I’ve seen these guys use like sharp chopsticks and stuff. It looks kinda painful and scary to be honest!’

‘I’m just kidding. No worries, I don’t do that kind of reflexology. I do use chopsticks, but my approach is super gentle, and I always, ALWAYS, let you know when I’m increasing the pressure in an area. You basically can just let me know immediately if you’re uncomfortable with any technique I’m using, and I back right off.’

‘Ok, whew! I thought I was going to have to undergo some Chinese foot torture to feel better!’, laughs Jessica.

Laughing back, John glances at Jessica, ‘Well, I don’t do foot torture, that is unless you count tickling as torture. Some women can’t stand to be tickled and, truth be told, some of these reflexology techniques can sometimes tickle. Again, I’m really gentle, and if I’m tickling you, and you want it to stop, I stop. I’ve tickled my wife’s feet with my techniques sometimes, but I let her know it’s coming so she can gear up for it. And usually, kind of weird I know, but she tells me that it’s the tickling that’s actually her favorite part of the session! Crazy, right?!’

‘Yeah, thanks for the heads up. My feet are pretty ticklish. One of my old boyfriends in college had a foot fetish and he’d always massage my feet after basketball practices. Oh my God, it was heaven! But after a few minutes he’d always start to slowly rake his fingers up and down my soft bare soles and over the tops of my feet. Oh my God it tickled SO bad, but I kind of liked it…felt good. Relaxing.’

By this time Highway 1 was a massive traffic jam inside John’s body. He was shifting constantly in his chair to try and avoid Jessica figuring out that he had the same fetishes her boyfriend had.

Jessica actually already knew John had a thing for women’s feet. She could follow his gaze anytime he talked to her and other women in the office. It wasn’t fairly obvious, but she didn’t know about his tickle fetish quite yet, but she was starting to have her suspicions.

‘Jessica, if you don’t mind, can we take a quick break? I need to go to the bathroom. So sorry.’

John actually wasn’t so much trying to relieve his bladder or intestines at this point, as he was just trying to avoid Jessica seeing his pants swell up from all the ‘traffic’ occurring in his nether regions.

‘Be right back! Sorry again!’

And with that John went to the restroom and put lots of tissues between his penis and his underwear. He’d had too many wet dreams where he’d been touching a woman’s foot and he orgasmed nearly instantly, and the woman in his dream could see the semen stain slowly diffusing through cotton fabric, and darkening jeans.

‘No, let’s try not to let that happen, John’, John thinks to himself.

‘Stay calm. Deep breaths. You got this. Stay. Calm.’, John talks to himself in just barely audible, human ear sound-wave detection.

‘Ok, I’m back. Sorry, you were saying?’

‘Oh, just my past boyfriend. You said reflexology might tickle, and I was just saying that I had a boyfriend who liked to tickle my feet, but I kind of liked it. It kind of relaxed me. It’s totally OK if it tickles a little. I’ll let you know if I can’t take it. I’m a big girl!’, Jessica laughs and smiles fondly at John, touching his knee with her nicely manicured left hand.

John’s incredibly relieved. He lets out a silent deep breath.

‘Whew, that was close!’, thinks John.

He continues, and musters up a red badge of courage so to speak, and says in a voice now that Jessica can hear, ‘Well, full disclosure, sounds like I’m kind of a little bit like your old boyfriend in college. I hope this won’t kill it for you, but yes, I also have a foot fetish. Sorry, Jessica.’

Will the lead balloon fly?

Or will it succumb to the laws of physics?

‘Oh, John, you’re funny. I’ve known that for a LONG time. Tell me something new, Dude!’, Jessica’s teasing John affectionately.

Lead balloons CAN fly!

Who knew?!


‘Oh my gosh, do you remember one of our first field visits about 6 or 7 years ago out at Carmel Valley? You asked me if I wanted to go out to the field with you for some environmental training. All I had on were sandals like these Soludos…(see below)

…I don’t think you learned too much that day, John!’, Jessica laughs again teasing her outed coworker.

‘Oh my Gosh, was I that obvious?!’

‘Ummmm, yeah!’

‘Holy Moley!’


‘I had no idea!’

‘Jesus, I thought I was pretty good at hiding it.’

‘Apparently not so much, huh?!’

‘Yeah, it’s OK. As a friend of mine once told me, we’re all mental nudists, John. Mental nudists.’, Jessica chuckles again.

‘Yeah, I guess she’s right. Wow, still just kind of shocked you’ve know this about me all this time, but you never were bothered by it, or even approached me about it.’

‘Yeah, well, you know, John, women are pretty clever beings. We wait for the right time to share relevant information. And right now, you admitting to having a thing for my feet is relevant, right?!’

‘Yeah, right. You’re right.’, John is visibly deflated a bit with the knowledge of his poor acting skills.

‘Hey, no worries, Dude. It’s all good. We’re good. I’m not weirded out. I trust you. I know you’re not going to try anything weird on me. I know you’re safe and a gentleman. I see how you treat your kids and your wife. It’s all good. Look, guys are guys. You guys are always checking us out. And we’re no different. We’re always checking you guys out too. A foot fetish is kind of one of those things that I think a lot of women actually kind of HOPE for in a man that’s interested in them. Not that you’re INTERESTED INTERESTED, just that my feet are pretty attractive to you and you’re going to get to touch them. Again, no big deal in my book. So relax, OK?!’

‘Whew, OK, relaxing. Thank you! Appreciate it. Needed that reassurance. Totally needed that.’

‘Ok, so we’re good?! I know you have a foot fetish, and…probably…you even have a tickle fetish, am I right?!’

‘Jesus, Jessica, you’re good! What the…???!!!’

‘John, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve dated alot of guys in my 40 plus trips around the sun, and I’d say probably 5 or 6 of my boyfriends had a thing for my feet. If I wasn’t such a busy mom, I’d invest some time into becoming a foot model. I think you guys over the years are giving me the confidence to go knock on some doors!’, Jessica laughs again.

‘Well, if you want some help there, I know this little app called Instagram, and there are literally millions upon millions of guys out there who will pay top dollar to see your foot model feet on that platform. You should check it out! All you need is an account, it’s free by the way, and a smartphone to take pictures of those gorgeous works of art you possess!’

Blushing, Jessica responds, ‘Awww, you’re so sweet, John. You ALWAYS know how to make a woman feel like a million bucks. You’ve got a talent there, Mister!’

‘Awww, shucks. Gee willakers!’, John laughs doing his best self-deprecating Beaver Cleaver impersonation.

Jessica laughs back too at the pop culture reference they both grew up with…being ‘of a certain age’, mid 40’s-ish.

‘You are too funny, Beave!’

Jessica claps her hands.

‘Alright, back to business. So…about reflexology. Yes, I’d like to take you up on your offer for one session. I think it’d be good for me. Where should we do this? I’m assuming going over to your house is a little problematic with wife and kids. Mine is too. How about my car? I could sit in the back seat and put my feet up through the center console and you could give me a reflexology session that way? What do you think?’

‘Perfect! Should we kind of park somewhere away from the office in case others drop by and see us in your car?’

‘Good point. I do have tinted windows though. We don’t have to go too far away. That parking lot across the street under the trees should suffice, don’t you think?’

‘Definitely. So…are you wanting to do this now?’

‘Yep. Let’s just do this while the iron’s hot so to speak. This foot is not getting any younger!’, Jessica laughs again.

John laughs again too.

They lock up the office, and put a sign on the door that they’ll be back in an hour.

It IS lunchtime by the way.

Part 1 – End

Please stay tuned for Part 2.

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Ticklish Justice

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Oh, we love our crime dramas in the United States, do we not?

Criminal Minds, CSI:Insert Any City, USA, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Judge Judy, Peoples Court…etc.

And we especially seem to love those crime dramas that involve courtroom scenes.

I think MTJ Publishing’s onto something with this comic shown above (original, 1st picture; 2nd, my own captions added as part of my imagined parallel legal tickle-verse, if you will) 😅

Here’s the link to the comic:

And here’s a link to the wonderfully talented artist, Dr. Random’s (aka Dr. Willard) deviant art page:

I just posted something about this comic on my Instagram Feed @laughtermech at:

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Greatly appreciated 🙏

And now…the original post:
Sometimes the justice system gets it right 😅👣 I love both the original and my own parallel universe of hot women enjoying being a part of the ‘legal tickle-verse’ so to speak 😅
Hope you’ll check out the original comic at the wonderful website of MTJ publishing by copying this link into your web-browser or visiting my website in my bio above.
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Valerie Plame – Secret Agent, Secret Tickle-Phile

foot tickling fantasy

I posted the following on my Instagram feed recently at:

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No one will ever be the same after that fateful ticklish encounter.

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TLM 😅❤️👣🎶🎼

‘Calgon’ knock-off helps busy moms relax their tired feet :) Meet ‘All-Gon’

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There was a television commercial in the 70’s and 80’s where various attractive women would be complaining about all the stress of their daily routines of child care, family care, and work care.

The women would invariably say mid-commercial, the famous phrase, ‘Calgon, Take Me Away!’

And, as soon as they said those words, the scene would instantly change to these women in their respective serene bathtubs surrounded by equally serene soap suds produced by this Calgon bath product.

Here’s an example of just such a commercial with an attractive woman getting her luxurious bath time experience.

Ahhh, Calgon.

And of course, there MUST have been direction during the filming of the commercial for the woman to extend out her sexy bare leg and bare foot, coveres in soap suds, pointing her toes…

‘Cindy, point your toes!Point all those gorgeous toes toward the camera! Let those toes make love to the camera!’

Can’t you just hear the director’s instructions to the woman in the tub as they’re trying to get the perfect take?! 🙂

And then, as an 8,9, 10 year old kid, I’d see this attractive woman’s leg and foot begin to separate from all those lucky and luxurious soap molecules in that tub.

‘Oh please, let me see her feet! If only for just a second! I want to see her barefeet!’

And usually my wish was granted.

Thank you foot fetish universe!

And the message was clear…without using words, just visuals that this woman was having an amazing time being naked in soapy water and casting all cares to the wind so to speak.

Again, ahhh, Calgon!

Sooo, all this nostalgia got me thinking.

We still have a TON of stress to deal with on a daily basis in our society, do we not?

Women are still expected to shoulder the majority of this stress; taking care of children, while at the same time expected to keep a full time job.

Kind of an impossible task, and a fool’s errand to try and do alone, if you ask me.

What if there was something in the 2000’s like Calgon that could whisk away these attractive super moms to a similar serene place?

What if Calgon was replaced with…

Yes, you guessed it…

‘All-Gone’, an app for busy super moms in need of some relief, usually around that hour of the day referred to as ‘the witching hour’.

Yes, that time when kids and dinner and spouse coming home start to coalesce into a perfect stress shit storm for moms.

What if this app could just summon, or even plan, on a mobile device, a team of unpaid volunteers to swoop into the busy mom’s home and literally sweep her off of her tired feet, place her gently in the family recliner with a nice glass of wine, keep making dinner for everyone, cheerlead kids to continue their homework, and occupy Dad with some sports news/hobby/trade journal shop talk?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t.

These volunteers would immediately put their woman client’s mind at ease starting by paying attention to her feet…

Yes, her feet.

It’s kind of hard to stay stressed and angry at life and all it throws at you when someone is giving you a mind blowing foot massage, is it not?

Yes, the undervalued and under appreciated foot massage has the potential to make sure super mom’s mind stays at ease for the next 20 minutes or so while dinner, homework, and spouse management takes place.

It indeed does take a village.

And to keep costs down, this team would be made up entirely of volunteers with foot fetishes.

‘Why foot fetishes?’, you ask.

Well, mainly because people who have a foot fetish usually know just how to treat someone else’s feet, AND, they don’t require a single cent to complete that task.

Yes, the ultimate symbiosis.

The volunteer foot fetishist would begin massaging and worshipping the woman’s tired feet putting her in a state of near instantaneous bliss with just a few skillful techniques.

Yes, All-gon would be the ferry of sorts for women’s stressed out brains to virtually travel to that distant tropical island and have their soles and arches and toes carefully worked on with loving human hands.

If requested, tickling and foot worship could be added to the woman’s treatment.

Yes. All-gon has the potential to revolutionize family time in the late afternoon and early evening making women’s lives much more bearable.

I hope you’ll join me in saying one huge collective, ‘All-gon, TAKE ME AWAY!’, and if you’re a foot fetishist out there who wants to use your talents for good, once this fictional app goes live, sign up to be a part of your local All-gone Team of Volunteer Foot Fetishists.

All-Gone…could be a game changer for our little fetish to change the world in a big way for good.

What say you?! 😅👣

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Sexy Mature Female Officemate Tickled on Her Bare Feet; a clip, a backstory, and a tease for a naughty ‘front’ story :)

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This is a real gem of a clip from UK Tickling.

I discovered this clip originally through one of the Instagram feeds I follow, an ‘@mr_ler’ at:

Thank you, @mr.ler for posting this beautiful clip on your feed! 🙏❤️

It’s entitled, ‘Sally’s Ticklish Feet in the Stocks’ (see link below):

Please check out this clip, and also @mr.ler’s wonderful IG feed!

Mr.ler’s IG feed is chock FULL of short 1 minute foot tickling videos of beautiful women having their equally beautiful barefeet tickled, AND…for the majority of the posts, seem to actually be ENJOYING the ticklish experience.


So…back to Sally, the officemate…

Sally reminds me of one of those secretaries/executive assistants in every office around the world who is the real mover/shaker/person in the know/life of the office/fun loving employee that everyone likes to joke around with on a daily basis.

Sally is, in essence, the GLUE for the office and all its politics.

Yes, Sally makes everyone laugh, remembers everyone’s birthday, says ‘Hello’ in the mornings to everyone, and ‘Good Evening’ to everyone before they and she leaves for the night.

She’s just Sally.

Tried and true…and, although she may be getting into middle age-dom, so to speak, that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t look GREAT doing it!’


Sally prioritizes on taking care of one of her most important assets; her size 9 barefeet.

Yes, Sally gets weekly pedicures, and isn’t shy about sharing loudly with all others in the office within earshot (i.e. everyone) just how amazing weekly pedicures look and feel when you go to Tickled Pink Nail Salon (fictional, but there should definitely be one if there isn’t one already, right?! 😅) on the corner of Monterey and Filbert (again, totally fictional, but these streets exist in my neck of the woods); ‘THE best place to get your bare soles tickled pink!’ says their sign and Sally, their satisfied customer, repeatedly and emphatically.

And it’s when Sally starts talking about how pampered her feet are, and just how much she loves this one guy at the salon who gives her her pedicure, a Mr. Nguyen, that Matthew in accounting, a divorced, introverted, 40-something father of 3, just loses all focus and concentration and simply has to quietly leave the office.

It’s not really in a bad way…he’s not angry, he’s not pissed off, no, in fact, he’s quite the opposite, he’s actually ‘hot and bothered’. And not hot and bothered in the weather sense of things, but rather in the, shall we say…’sexual microclimate’ sense of things.

The sense that develops when a beautiful office extrovert starts laughing and talking about her perfect feet and the soundwaves reach an introverted foot and tickle fetishist.

Yes, even the strongest foot fetishists among us would most likely wilt under this kind of unending pressure.

Sally, Matt figures, is about 5-7 years his senior. Matthew’s not exactly sure how old Sally is, but he knows her 30 year high school reunion was 5 years ago, and his is this year, so he can’t be too far off his numerical estimates.

Matt’s struggle with Sally is completely private and internal and he wants to keep it that way; that is until today. Today is the breaking point for Matthew. Today is the day Matt summons courage the likes no one, even Matthew himself, has seen.

Normally, Matthew will just sit at his desk and listen to Sally laugh with her other female colleagues, and get lost in those soundwaves.

He’ll drift into a fantasy land of being hired as Sally’s professional foot tickler. He’ll arrive at 8am each day, position himself under Sally’s desk and proceed to run feathers over the tops and bottoms of her exquisitely beautiful bare toes and bare feet tickling her to her and to his heart’s delight until 5pm.

Matthew’ll continue his fantasy imagining taking each toe into his mouth and slowly sucking on all the delicate soft skin that makes up all ten beautiful parts of her gorgeous bare feet.

Sally’s laughter will reach new heights in this fantasy with all the toe sucking he does.

Oh, it’s an exquisite fantasy for Matt. Amd for some reason, he’s able to keep it fresh and from going stale.

Matt simply reaches the point though almost every day now where he can no longer focus at work when Sally’s there.

Sally regularly laughs with her other office mates around 2pm each day. She’ll invariably start talking about her feet, how soft and ticklish they are, and how she just LOVES to get ticklish massages at her pedicure spot with Mr. Nguyen.

Matthew’s heart rate increases immediately just like it did when he was 6 years old watching TV and seeing a woman’s feet displayed on TV or hearing a woman tickled on his favorite shows like ‘Sesame Street’ or ‘Electric Company’ or ‘Captain Kangaroo’.

Oh it was bliss, but at that young age, Matthew didn’t know how to handle all that energy production inside his body.

He’d invariably go into a profuse sweating-mode and retreat to the bathroom to inspect his erection.

Matthew now some 40 years later still excuses himself from work, goes home, and masturbates to the echoes of Sally’s laughter in his head. Yes, Sally’s laughter is THAT powerful.

Masturbating is the only relief for Matthew when Sally goes on these afternoon loud laughter spasms throughout the office.

It’s actually been just like this for Matthew all throughout his life being around pretty women who take off their shoes in front of him, laugh profusely in front of him, or talk about their feet in front of him, minus the masturbation part which entered in around 14 or 15 years old.

As a lifelong foot fetishist, Matthew has been able to navigate his surroundings with relative calm, but this latest test of his resolve with Sally is seemingly more than he can handle.

Sally continues to brag about her ticklish pedicures with her favorite salon guy this week, and Matthew reaches the breaking point sooner and sooner each day.

He is now resolute in trying to get Sally to come to his place and try out some new wooden stocks that he’s built for the local renfaire in his town of Solvang, CA. Matthew’s a budding woodworking hobbyist and loves to go to Ren-Faires throughout the State.

Sally has no reason to distrust Matthew, and his invitation for an after dinner drink at his place sounds quite lovely.

They’ve both hung out before after work with other colleagues at local pubs.

Sally actually kind of likes Matthew.

She’s divorced, and a mother of one daughter, already in college.

Matthew’s never met the daughter, but Sally wants to introduce them.

Sally’s actually been hoping something would develop between them.

She likes Matt’s quiet approach at the office, and finds him incredibly warm, kind, and yes, quite handsome.

Once Matthew and Sally have a few cocktails in them, it’s time to try out the stocks.

Sally gladly obliges, and Matthew goes to work trying out all of Sally’s wonderful tickle spots.

Here’s their 1st 10 minutes of tickle bliss.

If you’d like to READ a short story about the NEXT half hour when the cameras turn off, but Sally’s clearly in the opposite zone, turned quite on, if you know what I mean 🙂 …then drop me a comment below or send me an email at

Matthew will help Sally reach some new heights in their burgeoning tickle fetish together when Sally asks Matthew if he’d like to maybe try some sensual tickling between her thighs and on her breasts.

Matthew can’t believe his good fortune and enters into a true Tickling Paradise with this beautiful woman he’s fantasized about tickling and foot worshipping for SO long.

Again, to read more of this, you’ll need to drop me a comment below that you’re interested, or send me an email.

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Artful foot tickling :)


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Thanks to @thetickleclub for requesting a story about this picture. Haven’t written a full story by any stretch, but here’s a little backstory to my captioning fun. The ‘Aly’ in the story I envision is @the_wild1_113 😅 . Please check out her IG feed when you get the chance. And now….a little backstory…‘Sometimes when her boyfriend’s friend, William, the artist, was over at their house, Aly would ask William for a little drawing of sorts on the soles of her gorgeously soft bare feet. Her boyfriend didn’t really like touching anyone’s feet, but didn’t mind if his friend William did. Aly just LOVED to have her feet touched and tickled, and William’s writing pen was JUST what the tickle doctor ordered 😅 William would be drawing into the wee wee wee hours of the night with Aly sometimes. Her boyfriend would be fast asleep, but Aly and William would still be going strong with all their tickle antics. Some a bit naughty 😅👣🔥 If you’d like to find out how naughty, please drop me a DM 😗 or visit my website in the bio link above. Adults only, please. Thank you. 🙏 #footticklingisfun #artfultickling😅 #enjoyablefoottickling

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Post follows:

Thanks to @thetickleclub for requesting a story about this picture.

Haven’t written a full story by any stretch, but here’s a little backstory to my captioning fun.

The ‘Aly’ in the story I envision is @the_wild1_113 😅

Please check out her IG feed when you get the chance at:

And now….a little backstory…

‘Sometimes when her boyfriend’s friend, William, the artist, was over at their house, Aly would ask William for a little drawing of sorts on the soles of her gorgeously soft bare feet.

Her boyfriend didn’t really like touching anyone’s feet, but didn’t mind if his friend William did.

Aly just LOVED to have her feet touched and tickled, and William’s writing pen was JUST what the tickle doctor ordered 😅

William would be drawing into the wee wee wee hours of the night with Aly sometimes.

Her boyfriend would be fast asleep, but Aly and William would still be going strong with all their tickle antics.

Some a bit naughty 😅👣🔥

If you’d like to find out how naughty, please send me an email at 😗 and in your subject line include ‘Artfully Tickling Aly’.

Adults only, please. Thank you. 🙏

#footticklingisfun #artfultickling😅 #enjoyablefoottickling