All She Wants Is – Revisited

“All She Wants Is” is a song performed by Duran Duran and written by its 3 members; John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Simon LeBon in 1988. I originally wrote about this song over 3 years ago (June 18th, 2018 to be exact).

Click HERE to read that earlier post.

I wanted to revisit this topic and update it with a few items I’ve learned since that original post.

1st, three words…

Female. Copulatory. Vocalizations.


I learned about FCV recently reading a book called, ‘Sex At Dawn‘, by Drs. Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. In Chapter 16 they talk about how primates are known for these vocalizations during sex, especially the females of our species and the females of other primate species.

God, how I love FCVs.

I could probably listen to FCVs and womens’ laughter enjoying being tickled for hours and hours on end.


Here are the lyrics to the song again as well as a link to the video:

“All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
Spend your money on the corner now,
Know you’ve gotta save some for the shoeshine boy
You’ve been pulling them by the hand inside,
Oh… collecting all your toys.
If you need a lead to heaven now, just stick around
You’re going to be there.
What do you care?
What do you dare?
What does your heart say now?
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
Divine intervention, couldn’t keep the word from leaking out,
With your pleasure in suspension
Not to mention what you hang it around
If you need a lead to heaven,
A place to share
In every position.
What do you care?
What do you dare?
What does your heart say now?
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…
All she wants is…”

So, if you’ve listened to the song, you most assuredly heard FCVs all throughout the song. SO sexy! SO sexy! God, I must have masturbated to this song a hundred times as a late teen/early 20 something.

I think I may have masturbated even while driving when it came on the radio one time.

Not a recommended practice.

Best to pull off the road and ‘pull off’ in private 😉


I learned that the song went thru many iterations and was referred to by the bandmates writing it as just ‘Sex’.


Immensely telling.

All these years I wondered if I was just weird for getting SO turned on by this song.

Now I know that this song was absolutely designed to turn me on, to turn us all on.

How could I not be turned on?

The sounds of a woman moaning in sexual ecstasy put to a melodic rock beat, and the song itself being referred to as just ‘Sex’ were and still are too much for me to handle before I need to release myself of all the built up sexual energies inside me.

Masturbation is a beautiful thing.

I wish our culture didn’t demonize it as much as it does and discourage people from practicing it.

It’s one of the first ways we learn about our bodies and how beautiful they are and how much they’re designed for pleasure beyond our wildest dreams.

We should embrace that pleasure when we can give it to ourselves and leave the cultural constructed shame of masturbation behind.

That’s all that I want for us as humans…

To be free of the shame surrounding our amazing collective story of human sexuality.

If you have a chance, pick up a copy of Drs. Christopher Ryan’s and Cacilda Jethe’s book called, “Sex At Dawn”. A remarkable and important piece of writing on how our human sexual desires evolved. Absolutely fascinating scholarship.

And then, if you’re so intrigued, check out the episode on Dr. Ryan’s podcast, Tangentially Speaking where he interviews his two dear friends, Anya Kaat and Erin Shaw.

And then, if that interview inspires you, check out Anya’s and Erin’s podcast called, Whore Rapport.

Brilliant, beautiful women talking about sex in a brutally honest way to help educate men (and women too) on what a woman really wants.

I wish I’d had their podcast and shared wisdom when I was masturbating to ‘All She Wants Is’ back in the late 80s/early 90s and beyond lol.

Thanks for reading to the end, and thanks for stopping by,


Massage-a-gyn-istic Hysteria – The Curious Case of Betty’s Button :)

Photo credit:

Working on a new fictional, erotically charged, foot tickle themed story based on some ideas expressed in a book I’m currently reading called, “Sex At Dawn”, by Drs Cacilda Jetha and Christopher Ryan.

Yes, the above photo appears to be a real woman, in the nude, in #thepose, reading this iconic book. Check out more alluring photos at

The book, Sex At Dawn, has both some really excellent scholarship as well as some questionable scientific backing.

Still…highly recommended reading.

The book tackles a number of closely held assumptions about human sexuality that made my head spin and, quite frankly, has been keeping my head spinning for days since I first started listening to it being read via Audible about a week ago.

One of the ideas introduced- medical treatments for women suffering from hysteria in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Now before you click away thinking ‘Wow, John, thanks for the MAJOR SnoozeFest of a post’…

Please…give me a sexond, I mean second 😉 to tie these ideas of hysteria in with some good old fashioned foot fetishism and erotic tickling…

Hysteria, according to Jetha and Ryan in their book, was a very common ‘problem’ for women up until recent times when it fell out of favor for physicians to diagnose and treat.

What exactly is “hysteria”?

Glad you asked.

From Wikipedia

In the 19th century, hysteria was considered a diagnosable physical illness in women. It is assumed that the basis for diagnosis operated under the belief that women are predisposed to mental and behavioral conditions; a misinterpretation of gender-related differences in stress responses. In the 20th century, it shifted to being considered a mental illness. Many influential persons such as Sigmund Freud and Jean-Martin Charcot dedicated research to hysteria patients. Currently, most doctors practicing medicine do not accept hysteria as a medical diagnosis.

And what were the treatments?

Again, glad you asked…


Yes, you saw that right…orgasms.

It is even alleged by Jetha and Ryan in their book that these treatments for female hysteria involved physician-assisted masturbation of women to orgasm.

And yes, you read that right as well…

I’ll write it again…

Physician. Assisted. Masturbation.

There was even a full, Hollywood production, feature length film starring prominent Hollywood actors such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Felicity Jones based on this practice of physician assisted masturbation of women. The movie’s called simply, ‘Hysteria‘.

There are now, since the movie came out in 2012, serious and credible refutations to the claims made by the movie and the book the movie was largely based on, Rachel Maines’s “The Technology Of Orgasm”.

Oh, how I have been recently lamenting this debunking, SO SO SO wishing what I’d read in “Sex At Dawn” about Maines’s book was true…but alas, the drumbeat of science appears to have sufficiently been beating on and [ahem] beating off quite efficiently with these claims.

Despite all the cold water if you will doused upon these hot flames of Victorian era physician assisted and physician performed female masturbation, I think it goes without saying that this practice may be one of THE best, hands down, under the table [all puns intended 😉 ] best jobs EVER!

Giving new meaning to the phrase…”Good Work If You Can Get It!”, n’est pas?! 😉

And even though the claims that this physician assisted female masturbation to orgasm appear to be untrue and not holding up to the scrutiny of the scientific method, even if it’s only possibly 1/32 true, how’s THAT for inspiration to go to medical school and become a physician?!

Oh my.

A guy can dream 🙂

And dream I have.

My next story will involve a particular physician and his assistance in the masturbation to orgasm of a woman named ‘Betty’ suffering from hysteria.

As stated, this will be a completely fictional account of Betty’s societal and cultural diagnosis with hysteria and her willingness to do just about anything to get her favorite doctor to treat her condition.

And yes, this doctor has both a foot and tickle fetish.

And yes, he’ll be incorporating both of his fetishes into Betty’s treatments.

And yes, these ancillary, away from the vagina, titillations, will become quite the turn on for Betty and her wonderland of bodily curves in all the right places.

See now…aren’t you glad you didn’t click away? 😉


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Sometimes something simple suffices sufficiently :) Tickling Videos-Wise that is :)

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A post by TLM (The Laughter Mechanic)

There are SO many options out there for consuming tickle and foot fetish media.

Literally millions of photos, millions of videos, millions of stories.

I’m not complaining 🙂

Sometimes though…there’s just WAY too many to choose from, right?!

And then…you stumble upon a video like THIS one from the screenshot above.

Just 10 uninterrupted minutes of a woman’s nearly flawless, gorgeous bare soles (maybe U.S. size 8 or 9?), and perfectly pedicured mauve painted toes, all being tickled by a guy with hairy forearms using feathers, his fingers, brushes, and the like.

The woman’s laughter is not THE sexiest I’ve ever heard, but it’s still pretty sexy, and she never once in the 10 minutes that the camera is rolling complains or asks her hairy armed tickler to stop or yells ‘No More!’ or ‘Get away from my feet, you creep!’

Nope…the woman in this clip, from the sound of her laughter, and just the overall vibe, really just seems to be enjoying her ticklish predicament, and doesn’t mind being tickled on her feet over and over again.

The YouTube channel’s called, ‘Absolute Tickling Feet’ and man, does it live up to its moniker.

Hope you’ll check it out and leave a nice comment or two.

Here’s the link to the channel:

And here’s a link to the video (see below); currently my favorite tickle video:

Enjoy and thanks as always for stopping by🙏


Oh and a few more treats for those that read/scrolled to the end 🙂

Tantric Tickling and Foot Fetishism?

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And now…on with the post…

I recently saw an interview with the late (RIP dear Goddess) Psalm Isadora on Luke Storey’s YouTube channel/podcast (screenshot above).

Quick shout out to Luke and his work…

Masterful interviewer, story teller, and content creator. He’s really honed his craft of helping men and women ‘biohack’ their way thru ‘the Matrix’ so to speak.

Really love his work.

Thank you, Luke, for this incredible interview with an incredible teacher, Psalm.

So sad she’s no longer with us in body.

And no disrespect meant, but oh my goodness graciousness…what an incredible physical body she possessed and worked extremely hard to keep in shape.

Just unbelievably gorgeous from head to toe.


Need further convincing?

Check out her Instagram @psalmisadora at: (now managed by her son).

Here are a few shots from her ahem body of work…

Ok, enough on that.

During Luke’s interview of Psalm at around 42 minutes in on the YouTube link below and HERE

Psalm asks Luke to perform a ‘PG’ exercise with her (a reference to movie ratings meaning it’s not R rated where nudity and maybe actual sexual acts are involved).

During the exercise, Psalm strokes her hand and talks about how the hands can be quite erotic and orgasmic.

Luke then makes a comment that he knows a woman who has a hand fetish.

I think all of you who read this blog and follow me on FB and IG know exactly where this is going, right?!


Oh, what if Psalm had removed one of her heels for the tantric exercise exposing her gorgeous bare feet and toes, and asked Luke to remove one of his shoes and they’d done the same thing with their legs and feet?!


How 10X AMAZING would that episode have been???!!!

It was AMAZING already, but, oh, just imagine!!!

I sure did and am still imagining 🙂

Alot of beautiful tantric ticklishly/foot fetishy imaginings 🙂

Hope you’ll explore the world of tantric sexuality and keep in mind the feet in your next ‘PG’ exercise with your willing partner 🙂

A guy can tantrically dream 🙂

Thanks as always for stopping by,


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It’s about my flatmate in the 90’s while we were living together in San Francisco and she told me she wanted to have a tickle party. Yep. No lie. A tickle party.

Hope you’ll check it out!

Thanks as always for your support! 🙂

Annnnd, as a reward for scrolling all the way to the end 🙂 A few more photos of the lovely Psalm Isadora. Again, Rest in Peace dear gorgeous Goddess🙏❤️👣

Beautiful Barefooted Woman Interviewed About Sex

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And now…on with the post…

Sometimes life just throws you a slow, beautiful, underhanded softball pitch and goes…’You’re welcome! 😃’.

Yep, that’s what happened to me today when I stumbled upon this absolute gem of an interview with Kim Anami ( @kimanami on Instagram) on the Luke Storey Lifestyle Podcast.

It’s definitely an ADULT oriented discussion, so if you have kids in the room, best wait until the little munchkins are in bed, but once their lights are out, get ready for your lights to turn ON ;0

This beautiful woman is barefoot the entire time she’s interviewed and she gives some EXCELLENT sole shots to the stationary video camera situated in front of her and Luke.

Here are a few more:

The content of the interview is AMAZING, but it’s all the foot fetish teasing…ahem… footage…that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in this one.

Kim (@kimanami ), you should most assuredly add to your list of accolades and credits…#footmodel .

You most assuredly have some #gorgeousfeetandtoes and #lovelysoles .

Thanks for sharing what you did in this incredible interview (link HERE) and thanks for #doingitbarefoot 🙏❤️👣🔥

#footfetish👣 #footfetısh #thelaughtermechanic #lukestorey #lukestoreypodcast #kimanami

Thanks as always for stopping by,


P.S. A few last screenshots from the interview…

And She Was

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This Talking Heads song from 1985 is one I listened to a lot in my high school and college days many moons ago.

I never knew what it was about until today.

I know…I just lost my Talking Heads big fan street cred and license.

To be completely honest, I’d kind of forgotten about the song altogether until yesterday while I was walking.

I saw a license plate that read ‘NSheWas’ which immediately sparked my memory that I liked that song very much.

Now…whether the license plate holder is a Talking Heads fan or there is some other explanation for that 7 letter personalized plate, I don’t think I’ll ever know (yes, I know, I should probably go knock on the door of the house where the vehicle is parked outside and ask whoever comes to said door).

But, it did inspire me to check out the official video which I’d never seen before.

To say I was pleasantly surprised watching the video is an understatement.

It was a foot fetishist’s dream of sorts. Possibly literally 🙂

Here are just some of the beautiful images that the music video director and producer, Jim Blashfield, used in the award winning production:

And here are five more 🙂

Yep, if I was a betting man (I am), I’d say Jim was one of us 🙂 …a closet, or possibly OUT of the closet foot fetishist 🙂 👣

Thank you, David Byrne for this beautiful song about one of your high school friends who did some LSD out by the Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink factory where you both were going to school and this was your interpretation of her ‘flighty’ trip 🙂

It’s SUCH a lovely song with lovely melodies and chord changes, and even lovelier now that it has gorgeous bare feet from some gorgeous unnamed woman (guessing by the picture below that’s in the video that the unnamed is the Talking Heads’ own bassist, the lovely Tina Weymouth?! Maybe?!) attached to the lyrics:

And she was indeed.

Thanks as always for stopping by,


Random Confession – One of my most erotic tickling fantasies (Adults Only, Explicit, NSFW)

Sometimes when I watch a tickle fetish video where a woman really appears to be enjoying having her feet tickled (my favorite tickle fetish content by the way), my mind wanders to naughtier, more kinky scenarios.

I’d like to share one with you.

While the woman’s being tickled on her barefeet, and loving it, I SO want this same woman to tell her ticklers (yes, let’s just say there are two male ticklers in this fantasy of mine; one is at the woman’s barefeet running his tongue all over and between her toes driving her mad with ticklish desire; and the other is behind the woman tickling her underarms and breasts interchangeably) the following:

1. How wet she’s getting, and…

2. Ask the bombshell question outright, ‘Would one of you nice gentlemen want to go down on me?!’

The needle on the record skips.

But not for too long.

The skippage is brought back onto the LP record so to speak as I immediately volunteer to move from armpit/breast tickling to using my tongue in ‘Mysterious Ways’ (thank you U2!) ‘down there’.

The woman begins moaning a bit more, probably in anticipation of my tongue going in between her legs.

I delay just one millisecond and her erotic ticklish tension reaches a fever pitch and she begs me, ‘I’m throbbing, Johnny. Throbbing my dear!! Oh, Release me! Tickle me between my thighs! Release me, you dear sexy man! Please Release me!’

Johnny, me, I don’t miss a beat.

As she spreads her legs, and my male tickling partner makes room for me to go down on this gorgeous woman’s dripping womanhood, I take my tongue and gently start licking all around the beautiful labial folds around her vagina.

Oh, it tastes so good! Feels so good!

SO good!

I flick and lick and make little circles with my tongue on those delicate areas of skin so packed with ticklish and personal pleasure nerve endings.

My male tickling partner is still busy tongue tickling this woman’s toes and I can only imagine the army of pleasure sensors that are about to go off inside this woman’s brain and body as I plunge my tongue into her warm pool of sexy vaginal waters.

I am prepared to take in all of her, and I do mean…ALL OF HER!

Tongue meets vagina. Tongue meets clitoris. Tongue quickly tickles both of her soft, muscular inner thighs. Tongue circles back to her vaginal opening. Tongue slowly descends inside vaginal opening. Tongue is welcomed, coaxed even. Tongue gently extends and flicks and tickles and pulses just inside her vaginal walls. Tongue takes in the gorgeous woman’s body relaxing and tensing and moaning and laughing all at the same time.

It is an orgy of erotic sounds in this hotel room in San Francisco’s North Beach district.

My tongue continues its vaginal exploration while my male tickling partner’s tongue continues his tongue exploration of this gorgeous woman’s bare feet and toes.

The tickle moans continue. And continue. And continue some more.

The ‘Oh God, I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!’ exclamations start to ring like bells in a churchyard throughout these 4 small walls.

Are there lovers on the other side of these hotel walls having to cover their ears, forced to imagine what erotic scenarios may be happening to produce such prodigious laughter and pleasure moans occurring opaquely inches away from their hotel beds?!

Tongues keep moving and sucking and flirting and tickling out all the pleasure a woman can experience having one man go down on her while the other fondles and tickles her bare feet and toes.

All of this woman’s beautiful bare skin that’s been willfully and joyfully granted to us is getting explored; so beautifully and ticklishly explored.

She releases.

Her throbbing between her thighs releases.

Her orgasm, an ultimate climax of climaxes teasing out of her. Laughing out of her.

Pleasures multiply and abound in and around her.

We all grab respective cigarettes.

We smoke.

We sigh.

We prepare for Round Two 🙂

Oh, a guy can dream 🙂 🔥