Beautiful barefeet tickled (M/F)

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The above photos are from a clip I found HERE. Please click HERE to be jettisoned into a perfectly pedicured pleasurable tickle vortex! 🙂

This one is a real treasure!

The ticklee actually says at about 2 min and 20 seconds into the clip, ‘Oooooh yeah!’ and goes on to playfully laugh that phrase multiple times to her tickler in such delightfully fun ways!

Watching and listening to this woman laugh while getting her bare feet tickled, I couldn’t help but get swept away by the sexy and playful way she gives in to her ticklish plight!

Oh Lord, I wish all tickling clips sounded like this woman’s state of tickle ecstasy!

The clip’s a bit long, and I’m sorry I don’t know who the original producer is, but if you know, please leave their name in the comments below!

Thanks so much!

Enjoy, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!



Very nice mainstream foot tickling clip! (M/F, branches into MMFF/F)

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Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 6.52.54 PMStumbled on this lovely clip on YouTube, and just thought I would share.

Kelly Vrooman is a self described performer, writer, and content creator.

She’s also, frankly, drop dead gorgeous.

And her feet are, well, they’re in the same category.

In fact, yep…Kelly’s got her own Wikifeet page.

Here’s a sample from her page:

Click HERE to view the clip from the photo above.

Warning: If watching an extremely attractive woman with extremely attractive bare feet telling her tickler in front of a live studio audience to ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘Okay, yes, I love it!’ while being tickled makes you uneasy, do NOT watch this clip. Repeat DO NOT WATCH this clip.

Although it’s short, this clip is video GOLD for all the foot tickle fetishists out there!

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Older woman tickled by a younger woman (F/F)

barefeet, barefoot, foot tickling, laughter, Older woman, Tickle, Tickling

This theme and video (Click HERE) are so incredibly arousing to me for some reason.

I’m still trying to figure it out.

Maybe it’s just the very playful natures of the two participants?

Maybe it’s the ticklee’s sexy, enjoyable, playful laughter?

Maybe it’s the tickler’s delightfully fun facial expressions?

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s all of it.

Whatever it is, it’s erotically intoxicating! 🙂

What do you think?

I would like to eventually write a story from the point of view of the tickler and the ticklee in this video.

If you’d like me to write this story for you, please send me an email to with ‘Older Latino Woman’ in the subject line, and please consider a small donation on my Go Fund Me webpage of at least $5.

I’ll prioritize my writing schedule to write this story for you! 🙂

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‘I Want Your Sex’ music video high school memory

barefeet, barefoot, foot fetish, foot tickling, George Michael, I Want Your Sex, Tickle, Tickling, Toe tickling

I can remember watching the George Michael video, ‘I Want Your Sex’ with my girlfriend at the time in high school and her twin sister late one Friday night on MTV.

Her parents had already gone to bed and we were all in the living room.

My jaw nearly dropped when George Michael’s Asian love interest in the video started getting water poured onto her bare soles.

It looked as if she might really be into that feeling of the water on her bare feet; maybe even tickling those gorgeous soles of hers!

Oh my!

I think I had sweat pants on too, and, let’s just say, it was incredibly difficult to get up and walk around the living room without blatantly sharing with these gorgeous 6’ tall blonde women just how much I was aroused by what was coming thru the television screen.

If you’d like to read a fantasy continuation (all persons involved are 18+ year olds) story of how I turned that ‘I Want Your Sex’ video moment into an ‘I Want Your Laughter’ late night foot tickling session, go ahead and drop me an email at

I’ll send you the details on how to get this continuation sent to your inbox.

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Oscar Nod #1 for Best Laughter in a Tickle Video

barefeet, barefoot, foot fetish, foot tickling, laughter, Oscar, Tickle, Tickling, Toe tickling

Since we’re in full blown Oscar season, and since in my last post, I went ahead and awarded the Oscar for best laughter in a tickling video to two videos I found compelling, I thought it only appropriate to go ahead and keep this laughter thread going a tad longer.

Hope you don’t mind.

I have no idea the original clip’s name, but it looks to be produced by the wonderful Tickle Abuse website.

PLEASE support this great site!

Here’s a link:

I found the clip searching for another clip, and lo and behold, this woman’s laughter just really captivated me!

Hope it will do the same for you! 🙂


Click HERE to listen to some INCREDIBLE enjoyable ticklish laughter, and see two beautiful women having lots of foot tickling fun!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


And the Oscar for best laughter in a tickling video goes to…

barefeet, barefoot, foot fetish, foot tickling, laughter, Oscar, Tickle, Tickling, Toe tickling

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched any tickle videos.

I had to take a break from them for a while as I became pretty addicted to them.

For a myriad of reasons I won’t go into, today’s my first day back scouring the internet for videos featuring women enjoying their foot tickling experiences.

And one of the first places I turn when I want to find such content is the Tickle Media Forum.

If you’re into tickling, this site is a must see!

One member, bill2222fr, started a thread on the forum asking folks to comment on the best laughter in a tickling video.


If you’d like to read the thread, click HERE or on the link below:

There are 2 videos I’d like to share with you today that I also shared on the forum.

Those 2 are the following:

1. Dr. Tickle’s Foot Tickle Instruction video where Charlee Chase, as the Doctor herself, and her accomplice, Kristen, tickle their patient Shay’s (sp?) barefeet and help her to turn her ‘frown, upside down!’.

This has to be one of the best out there for ticklish laughter.

Shay’s laughter speaks volumes about how much she’s LOVING getting all this ticklish attention on her sexy soles!

For me the best, sexiest laughter comes from a woman who is CLEARLY enjoying her foot tickling experience, and Shay’s reactions are crystal in this regard!

Two spoilers:

1. @ 3:57 – Shay says, I kid you not, these exact words amidst all her ticklish laughter, wait for it…’This is better than sex!’

2. @ 4:56 – Shay says amidst more ticklish laughing that the Doctor’s and Kristen’s , foot tickling techniques are, and I quote, ‘…actually getting me wet and happy!’

After I died and went to heaven hearing Shay say these things in the clip, I was able to actually finish watching this unbelievable piece of media gold! 🙂

Buy the clip for $8.99 HERE.

You won’t be disappointed!

2. ‘Ticklish Laughter’ as it’s labeled on YouTube is a clip that appears to be shot at some kind of tickling or foot fetish event, possibly NEST?

Sorry, don’t have the original producer of the clip.

If anyone knows, please post down below in the comments section, thanks!

In the clip, a woman is being tickled on her barefeet by two incredibly gentle, incredibly attentive, male ticklers.

Her laughter is SO consistently good throughout the 9min and 36 second clip that I’m pretty sure I could listen to her laugh all day long.

Yes, it’s just that siren-like; soothing and melodic.

The woman really seems to be having fun with her two male suiters/ticklers.

She does tell them to ‘stop’ and that ‘it’s torture’ at certain points, but her body language speaks otherwise.

She’s only restrained on her ankles, and if she really wanted them to stop, could easily bend over with her arms and push them both away.

It never happens!

She just reclines into the sofa for the full length of the clip, and lets these two very fortunate males have their way with her sexy soles and toes!

Highly recommended!

Hope you enjoy both of these clips!

The Oscar I think must go to both of these clips.

They’re just that good!

What do you think?

Drop me a comment below and/or a like!

Greatly appreciated!

Would really like to hear what turns you on about women laughing while being tickled.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Female yoga instructor asks one of her male clients for some tickling after class! (M/F)

barefeet, barefoot, Cartoon tickling, foot fetish, foot tickling, laughter, laughter yoga, Tickle, Tickling, Toe tickling, yoga tickling

 Not sure who the artist is for this picture above.

If you know, please drop a comment below so that I can give credit where MUCH is due!

I just love how the woman having her inner thighs tickled by this very fortunate male suitor is drawn to appear as if she’s having the time of her life 🙂

Definitely got my mind racing to a little fictional story about a yoga instructor I’m going to call ‘Deirdre’ and what happened to her after a Friday evening class with one of her clients.


Deirdre’s Inner Thighs See The Light; Light Tickling That Is! 🙂

Deirdre was one of the most sought after yoga instructors in Portland, OR.

Her studio was always filled with both men and women intent on twisting their bodies in miraculous formations like her and her statuesque 5′ 8″ frame.

Deirdre’s legs were long and shapely, and kept lots of her class attendees; male, female, gay, straight, transgender, not, you name it, mesmerized with how well she could use sexy extensions to stretch her body in numerous ways.

One of her male clients, Paul, was particularly taken by Deirdre; her beauty her personality, her feet.

Paul had a foot fetish, and as we’re about to find out, a tickle fetish as well.

He would often ask Deirdre tons of questions after class that would keep her well past the allotted 60 minute session.

Deirdre knew Paul was ‘into’ her and she was flattered. He was cute and affable and she didn’t mind the attention. She was single, no kids, no boyfriend or husband waiting at home, free.

It was at Deirdre’s Friday evening class when Paul worked up the nerve to ask her if she might like to try a new therapy he was studying called laughter therapy.

Deirdre was familiar with laughter yoga, but was not familiar with just pure laughter therapy.

She was intrigued.

‘Paul, if you don’t have anywhere to be, maybe you could SHOW me this form of laughter therapy? I’m done for the evening with classes, and I’m always up for a laugh!’, remarked Deirdre humorously.

‘Sure, that sounds great! If you don’t mind, I have a little foldable contraption out in my car that enhances the whole experience. Give me a sec and I can bring it in?’

‘Yeah, sure, no problem. I’ll wait for you.’

And with that Paul races out to his truck to grab his portable wooden stocks that he carries around just in case he can find a woman brave enough, and well, kinky enough, to want to get into, shall we say, a confined situation.

Deirdre sure was giving off all the right signals to Paul that she was squarely in the brave and kinky camp 🙂

If you like where this story is going and want to read more, please consider heading over to my Go Fund Me page and donating at least $2 for the continuation.

When you do, please indicate, ‘Deirdre’ somewhere in your subject line.

I’ll prioritize on this story just for you, and get it written just for you, and sent to your email inbox, or another web delivery system of your choice.

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Tickle Me Elmo spin off doll finds a willing Mom for a test-tickling :) 

barefeet, barefoot, Cartoon tickling, christmas tickling, foot fetish, foot tickling, laughter, Tickle, Tickling

The original drawing above is by C.A.B., and available by clicking HERE or on the link below:

Please support great artists like C.A.B. by visiting the site!

Of course, seeing such beautiful artwork got my mind racing to a slightly different, shall we say more foot-tickle-loving scenario 🙂

See below:

Yes, Danielle’s a single mother of two young boys, and she’s been up late wrapping gifts.

‘What’s this?!’, Danielle says as she opens one of the last shopping bags.

She doesn’t even remember buying this Yoga Strap/Tickle You Elmer toy, but Danielle’s intrigued and wants to try it out before wrapping it.

Danielle’s always had a bit of a tickling fetish, but never really explored it much with her ex-husband.

He just wasn’t that into exploring this side of her sexuality.

But now that they’re a year into the divorce, Danielle’s been spending some time on a new website she discovered through an Instagram Feed account that linked to The Tickle Media Forum.

It’s a website completely devoted to the tickling fetish and it’s opened up a whole new world to Danielle!

She’s been stealing moments here and there after her boys go to bed, learning more about her cravings to be tickled.

She especially likes reading Captured Doll’s posts on the site as she also shares her desire to be tickled as well as tickle others.

So delicious!

Danielle puts some batteries in the stuffed animal section of the toy, and lays out the straps on the floor like the toy’s instruction manual suggests.

She next slips out of her socks, and positions her sleek, athletic 5’9″ frame on the floor.

Lying on her stomach, Danielle puts her feet, now bare, right next to the Tickle Me Elmo spin off doll, again, as the instructions suggest.

She then reaches her long left arm around and hits the power button.

What happens next really surprises Danielle as the Tickle You Elmer doll starts moving its fingers in step with the yoga straps.

Before Danielle can even think, she feels her feet being bound with these straps, and this new stuffed animal begins moving its very lifelike fingers all up and down her bare soles.

‘Oh my God! I’m going to wake my kids!’, is Danielle’s first thought before that first impulse to laugh starts rising inside of her!

Unfortunately, the stuffed animal’s power button is out of reach of Danielle’s elegant fingers, and she quickly starts to feel the effects of Elmer’s very fast moving toy fingers.

Will Danielle be able to stifle her laughter and prevent a Christmas eve early morning kid wake up call?!

Or, will Elmer’s expert tickle fingers cause Danielle’s years of pent up ticklish desires to come forth from this sexy, 33-year-old mother of two?!

If you’d like to find out how Danielle and her gorgeous, soft barefeet fare, please send me an email with ‘Danielle Tickle Me Elmo’ in the subject line.

I’ll prioritize on writing you the continuation of this story and send it to your inbox.

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