Random Confession – One of my most erotic tickling fantasies (Adults Only, Explicit, NSFW)

Sometimes when I watch a tickle fetish video where a woman really appears to be enjoying having her feet tickled (my favorite tickle fetish content by the way), my mind wanders to naughtier, more kinky scenarios.

I’d like to share one with you.

While the woman’s being tickled on her barefeet, and loving it, I SO want this same woman to tell her ticklers (yes, let’s just say there are two male ticklers in this fantasy of mine; one is at the woman’s barefeet running his tongue all over and between her toes driving her mad with ticklish desire; and the other is behind the woman tickling her underarms and breasts interchangeably) the following:

1. How wet she’s getting, and…

2. Ask the bombshell question outright, ‘Would one of you nice gentlemen want to go down on me?!’

The needle on the record skips.

But not for too long.

The skippage is brought back onto the LP record so to speak as I immediately volunteer to move from armpit/breast tickling to using my tongue in ‘Mysterious Ways’ (thank you U2!) ‘down there’.

The woman begins moaning a bit more, probably in anticipation of my tongue going in between her legs.

I delay just one millisecond and her erotic ticklish tension reaches a fever pitch and she begs me, ‘I’m throbbing, Johnny. Throbbing my dear!! Oh, Release me! Tickle me between my thighs! Release me, you dear sexy man! Please Release me!’

Johnny, me, I don’t miss a beat.

As she spreads her legs, and my male tickling partner makes room for me to go down on this gorgeous woman’s dripping womanhood, I take my tongue and gently start licking all around the beautiful labial folds around her vagina.

Oh, it tastes so good! Feels so good!

SO good!

I flick and lick and make little circles with my tongue on those delicate areas of skin so packed with ticklish and personal pleasure nerve endings.

My male tickling partner is still busy tongue tickling this woman’s toes and I can only imagine the army of pleasure sensors that are about to go off inside this woman’s brain and body as I plunge my tongue into her warm pool of sexy vaginal waters.

I am prepared to take in all of her, and I do mean…ALL OF HER!

Tongue meets vagina. Tongue meets clitoris. Tongue quickly tickles both of her soft, muscular inner thighs. Tongue circles back to her vaginal opening. Tongue slowly descends inside vaginal opening. Tongue is welcomed, coaxed even. Tongue gently extends and flicks and tickles and pulses just inside her vaginal walls. Tongue takes in the gorgeous woman’s body relaxing and tensing and moaning and laughing all at the same time.

It is an orgy of erotic sounds in this hotel room in San Francisco’s North Beach district.

My tongue continues its vaginal exploration while my male tickling partner’s tongue continues his tongue exploration of this gorgeous woman’s bare feet and toes.

The tickle moans continue. And continue. And continue some more.

The ‘Oh God, I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!’ exclamations start to ring like bells in a churchyard throughout these 4 small walls.

Are there lovers on the other side of these hotel walls having to cover their ears, forced to imagine what erotic scenarios may be happening to produce such prodigious laughter and pleasure moans occurring opaquely inches away from their hotel beds?!

Tongues keep moving and sucking and flirting and tickling out all the pleasure a woman can experience having one man go down on her while the other fondles and tickles her bare feet and toes.

All of this woman’s beautiful bare skin that’s been willfully and joyfully granted to us is getting explored; so beautifully and ticklishly explored.

She releases.

Her throbbing between her thighs releases.

Her orgasm, an ultimate climax of climaxes teasing out of her. Laughing out of her.

Pleasures multiply and abound in and around her.

We all grab respective cigarettes.

We smoke.

We sigh.

We prepare for Round Two 🙂

Oh, a guy can dream 🙂 🔥